Harlyn Matson, Senior Pastor
Dr. Harlyn Matson  
   Pastor Harlyn and Jeri founded Crossroads Community Church in 1983 and have 
pastored the church for 31 years (making him the longest serving pastor in 
Rocklin). They have planted several churches out of Crossroads and have a 
passion for their local community. 
    He graduated from Trinity Life Bible College in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts 
degree, and  received his doctorate in theology in 1985.  
    Pastor Harlyn has always been a bi­vocational pastor and is gifted in the area of 
stewardship and finances. After serving faithfully on the retirement committee and 
the investment committee, four years ago, the leadership of Foursquare asked 
Pastor Harlyn if he would build the “start up” for their planned giving department.  
    He currently serves the Foursquare family as the field coordinator for planned 
giving for Foursquare Financial Solutions and God has used him to bring millions 
of dollars and real estate gifts to local churches, Bible schools, camps, and other 
Christian entities.
    Pastor Harlyn has ministered in 40 nations of the world and 20% of the 
congregation have served on mission teams. The church is located in the Quarry 
District of Rocklin where they serve the broken, the poor, and the needy. Under  
Pastor Harlyn’s leadership,  emerging leaders and business people are being raised 
up to serve in marketplace ministry. The church has a mandate to raise up a 
generation that knows the Lord intimately, and we have a teen center and a preschool
that both focus on these goals and values.